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    Go Hoosiers! Liz Holby
    Go Hoosiers!
    Liz Holby
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 15, 2008

    Throughout the 2008 season, members of the Indiana women's soccer team will give IUHoosiers.com readers an inside look of what is going on with the team. The blog for Friday, August 15, is by junior forward Liz Holby.

    Well ... since I usually forget my blog this is probably one of my first appearances and I have to say that I am overanxious to let everyone know the great fun that this year's IU women's soccer team is experiencing.

    Let's just say Natalie gave you a nice recap of what we have been doing but I must say a lot has happened since then. Today started off a little cloudy and we were a little nervous it would rain, but have no fear when we step out on the pitch ... yes, I said pitch ... the sun just likes to shine joyously. The sun not only brightens our day but gives our cheeks the perfect tint so that blush isn't even necessary.

    We worked on attacking Thursday by going against our back four and trying to see the different options we have working with three forwards and figuring out ways to get width and make room for slot balls. This is something we do occasionally but often repetitions help to see new ideas.

    After a few other drills we had a "COMP" ... what I like to call it ... or in other words a competition. We played a 4-v-4 tournament for Starbursts, which was one of the best ideas coach has ever had... well maybe just because 1) I love Starbursts and 2) I'm very competitive. After finding out my team and realizing we were stacked I was super excited to let the games begin. After our round robin we were ranked second, but after everything was said and done we ended up in the championship game and WON!!!! STARBURST CHAMPS!!! Oh, and if Kristin Arnold thought her team might have won, her goal was a tad high and not in the proper range.

    Our second practice was with Julie Grubbs, our fitness trainer, who took us through a few warm up activities, agility and upper body weight workouts. I was partnered up with my buddy for the week, Kirsta Kellin, and we did a fantastic job stretching each other and working extra hard to be better soccer players off the field. We have a buddy system here where an older member of the squad gets paired up with a youngun' to show them the ropes, where we eat with them, have them as our partners in practice and learn interesting facts about them.



    Later that day we had a meeting with Coach to check up on certain rules in soccer: such as if a frisky dog decided to steal the ball during the game, how would that end up as a restart? The things we learn on this team are far more advanced than any team I have ever been on.

    After meeting time we had dinner in town, which I must say was fabulous considering at our table. It was pretty much like a buffet where you were able to pick from any plate at the table. This seems to make everyone happy, don't you think?

    Finally, our day was at rest and it was time for relaxation, or in my case I went with Taylor Fallon, my partner in crime, to the store and bought 3 tubs of ice cream... only because it was on sale, of course. Then it was time to eat our ice cream and watch our movie before hitting the hay, eyeshades and all!

    Until next time...

    -Lizzy Holby aka Princess


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