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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
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    August 16, 2002

    Response to a Challenge: Week One of Preseason Training

    Head coach Mick Lyon began preseason training camp with a challenge to his team.

    “Whatever the players have done to this point has been their 'B' work, and we need them to produce 'A' work. That's not something that they are afraid of...it's what they want. They are absolutely ready for the challenge,” said Lyon.

    The team reported to training camp Monday afternoon for two full days of paperwork and team meetings before practices could officially begin on Wednesday. With a new coaching staff and their new philosophy and style of play, the entire squad was so anxious to begin that at 12:01 Wednesday morning they ran their first official practice, a fitness “beep” test.

    And then the preseason practice gauntlet began that same morning at nine o’clock at the University School practice field. After a late night and an early morning practice session, the results weren’t as outstanding as the Hoosier coaches would have hoped to see – but that all changed in the afternoon session.

    “We set forth a challenge and the team has absolutely responded. The level of commitment is evident. We want the style of Indiana soccer to hold that we will never be outworked,” said Lyon.

    Practice has gotten progressively more demanding of the players, but they seem to be enjoying a new outlook and coaching staff. From returning players down to freshmen, preseason practice proves to be the way the athletes are proving themselves to the coaches, but more to each other.

    “I think we’re all very excited about the changes and the challenges during preseason. Everyone is starting from square one and working hard to prove themselves,” said senior Dana Philp.

    Junior second-team all-Big Ten midfielder Emily Hotz is ready to begin the season and believes in the Hoosiers’ 2002 squad.

    “Practice has been really intense, which is good. Everyone out there is giving 110 percent,” said Hotz.

    The first week of practice for the 2002 preseason has seen the level of competitiveness raised again and again. Dedication and fierce competition have become the team’s response to their challenge.




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