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    Preseason Blog - Kathryn Zachman

    Go Hoosiers! Kathryn Zachman is in her second preseason for the Hoosiers.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Kathryn Zachman is in her second preseason for the Hoosiers.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 23, 2007

    Throughout the 2007 preseason, members of the IU women's soccer team will be giving fans a daily insider's look at what it's like to be a part of the squad. Today's blog is by sophomore Kathryn Zachman.

    With a week of pre-season under our belts we packed up the bus and headed off to Missouri. The first road trip of the season came semi-early this year, but you could tell everyone was excited to break the routine of pre-season and play someone other than ourselves.

    Today was another day on the road. It was time to head back to B-TOWN. After everyone had eaten breakfast and participated in a light workout it was time to get back on the bus. We used this down time to divide up into offense and defense and discuss the game and what we could do to improve.

    The back of the bus consisted of the defenders and keepers, while the front of the bus was a little more crowded consisting of the midfield and forwards. Coach discussed his key points and what he thought we needed to work on, and then let us as players discuss in small groups what we thought we needed to improve upon. It was good to let everyone have input and compile our thoughts to work towards our main goal, which is to keep improving.

    After our bus trip chalk talk, time had flown by and we were already in St. Louis. We were making a pit stop at the St. Louis zoo to do a little sightseeing. Thanks to the maps provided by Mrs. Markwort in our back-to-school supply kit we were given on our way to Mizzou, we were able to navigate the zoo perfectly and see all the sights. Even though it was extremely hot the animals were out and about and it was a good time to just walk around in small groups and relax after a road trip.

    When zoo time was over it was unfortunately time to get back on the bus and finish off the last leg of our trip. We decided to watch "SNL-The Best of Will Ferrell" DVD which definitely made everyone laugh, and then fall asleep. Movies tend to do that on long trips. Nothing wrong with a little bus nap though, I am definitely a fan of the bus nap.



    Before I knew it we were back in Bloomington just as the sun was setting. Everyone rushed over to Assembly Hall to drop off our dirty laundry and uniforms and then it was back to the routine. With 6:30 a.m. running, everyone was excited to go home and get to bed early in order to get back into the pre-season routine. Four days until school starts!!!!


    -Kathryn Z


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