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    Go Hoosiers! Kristin Arnold
    Go Hoosiers!
    Kristin Arnold
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 11, 2008

    Throughout the 2008 season, members of the Indiana women's soccer team will give IUHoosiers.com readers an inside look of what is going on with the team. The blog for Thursday, September 11, is by junior forward Kristin Arnold.

    Being that today is Sept. 11, I would first like to say that all of those involved in the 9/11 attacks are being remembered and that all of the families affected are in our prayers. Also, thank you to all of those that are still defending our freedom and risking their own lives for us all every day.

    Our day started at about 10:30 this morning when we met at Mellencamp Pavilion to go over a few things with team shape and defensive corner kicks. We were all in our travel gear so sweating was not an option, as we wanted to look and smell good for our flight!

    After the walkthrough we loaded the bus and headed to the airport. The trip there was only an hour and very uneventful as most people were listening to music and/or sleeping! We got to the airport and as always looked snazzy in our white IU jackets and Capri warm-up pants. We had lunch at the airport and everyone ate what they wanted.

    Kerri [Krawczak] and I checked out the Mexican place but decided that a grilled sub from Charley's would be much better! My chicken teriyaki sub was fantastic but not filling enough so Kerri and I had to go get pretzels from Auntie Anne's which might I say hit the spot. And I will point out that about half the team followed in our footsteps in getting a pretzel!

    After eating (what this team does best!!) we loaded the plane for a fairly short flight of just over an hour to Washington, D.C. I wish that I could tell you about the flight but needless to say I was knocked out and really have no idea what happened; at least everyone was able to make it off the plane on their own this time!

    We waited for our bus to get us at the airport and then headed to the hotel. The hotel looked a little old on the outside but the rooms are very nice! The beds are comfortable and the TV is a big flat screen! Right now I am hanging out with my roommate, Kelly [Lawrence], and [Jessica] Boots. We are all three on our computers typing away while watching the news. Next on our agenda is dinner and since we are always eating the fact that food is next is no surprise to anyone! We are going to Macaroni Grill which should be yummy! Woody is excited about his chicken parm that he is getting!



    Well, this trip has just begun so that's all I have for you today! We are all looking forward to our two games this weekend and have been working hard so that we can leave here with two positive results!

    I'll give a quick shout out to my Mom, aunt, and Maggie since they are flying out to watch us this weekend!! Miss you Dad and Kyle! LET'S GO IUWS!!!!!!!! HOO HOO HOOSIERS!!!!

    -Kristin Arnold


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