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    Go Hoosiers! Beverly Markwort and the Hoosiers open Big Ten play this weekend at Armstrong Stadium.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Beverly Markwort and the Hoosiers open Big Ten play this weekend at Armstrong Stadium.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 27, 2007

    Throughout the 2007 season, members of the IU women's soccer team will be giving fans an insider's look at what it's like to be a part of the squad. Today's blog is by senior Beverly Markwort.

    At the beginning of this week, Sunday night, I opened up my assignment book to see what I had going on during this fifth week of classes, the week of Sept. 24 through Sept. 30. Generally, the fifth week of school equals midterms, but thankfully I'm in the clear for this week.

    But I did notice something special about this Thursday, Sept. 26; it's my turn to blog! It's ironic too, because I just met with my Politics of High Technology professor on Monday about writing a 30-page paper on blogs and how they have affected and changed the media. I guess you could say I have blogs on the mind this week.

    Anyway, this week in soccer started out with a nice win over University of Evansville. We took the Purple Aces down with an easy 4-0 win. It felt great.

    Monday is usually a day off; except the mandatory drug and alcohol meeting we had to attend in Assembly Hall. It was actually not that bad, the speaker was actually very humorous, entertaining and informative. We all enjoyed it, but I think Liz Holby liked it the most. She laughed the loudest at all of his jokes; I think she had a little crush. Ha, just kidding.

    Tuesday was an exciting day for me because I was one of the winners of the "Question of the Day" contest. Woody Sherwood sent everyone on the team a difficult soccer question. The first three to respond correctly would win a prize. I was one of the three and at practice I won some candy corn! And I love candy corn -- it was a great day.

    Wednesday was a pretty normal day except for we had to practice inside Mellencamp due to the weather. At the end of each Wednesday practice, we nominate a few players and then close our eyes and vote on the person who we think was the "player of the day." Wednesday, we voted our assistant coach Erika Flanders as the player of the day! Our goalie, Lauren Hollandsworth was out for a little bit with a concussion and we needed a fill in. Erika was stellar. Woody also got to play goalie, but Erika took the cake, and all the votes.



    All in all it was a good week in practice; we worked hard in anticipation of our first Big Ten games coming up this weekend. This is a crucial time in our season, the beginning of Big Ten play. All games are going to be a battle, but a battle we can win!

    -Beverly Markwort


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