King's Korner: A look back at Day 2 in San Diego with Kristin King

    Go Hoosiers! Kristin King
    Go Hoosiers!
    Kristin King
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 17, 2008

    Day 3, February 16, 2008:

    Today (Saturday) was our last full day in sunny California before we head back home to the ice cold, wintery weather in Indiana. We started the day much the same as the previous day, except with pinker faces from the sun and a new game plan. The game plan for the day was to win.

    After eating breakfast we traveled to the field and began our warm-ups. The first game we played was against UCSB. Unfortunately, the game gave us another tally in the loss column and left us with no runs in the tournament yet. After a team meeting, we decided that we were definitely going to score a run the next game and get a win as well.

    Our second game against Utah State was better, and we were actually in the lead going into the sixth inning. They then tied the game, and the next half inning, we were not able to score. Utah State got a run in the seventh to take the one run advantage. Although we did not end up on top of this game like we had planned, we still played better than our first three games of the tournament. With these improvements and experiences, we have the confidence to win our last game on Sunday. After the games, we visited with friends and family, and then we had the rest of the day to relax and enjoy San Diego. Some of the team decided to go to Mission Beach. There, we visited shops and walked along the Pacific Ocean with our toes in the sand. This is a pretty nice experience in the middle of February because, being from the Midwest, the only thing we usually have our feet in in the middle of February is boots and snow or ice. We also walked along a boardwalk and shopped in little stores. We experienced the very different life of California natives for a few hours. Once we left, we went to eat at a local restaurant called Islands, which was very good. We went back to the hotel and prepared for our last game against Tulsa. We are going to win this one!




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