King's Korner: A recap of the final game and return trip to Bloomington

    Go Hoosiers! Kristin King
    Go Hoosiers!
    Kristin King
    Go Hoosiers!

    Feb. 18, 2008

    Day 4
    February 17,2008

    Today was the most enjoyable day of all in beautiful San Diego, California. This is because we started the day off with a win on the field. The game was another close one similar to last night's, until the seventh inning. Instead of the other team pulling through in the bottom of the seventh, it was the Hoosiers that ended up on top. Kari Bettenbrock came up to bat with two outs in the bottom of the seventh and a runner on second base. She went yard to give us a one run lead and the win. This win felt great, and we plan to continue this momentum into our next tournament.

    After the game, things on the way home were a bit more interesting. Once we were at the airport, it took almost an hour to get our luggage checked in. This caused us to almost miss our flight to Denver. Once we landed in Denver, a man run up the aisle and sat next to the exit door. He then proceeded to curse at the flight attendant, and we were told that we might have to stay on the plane longer while the security guards escorted him from the plane. Unknown to him, this is a federal offense, and he will most likely be in major trouble.

    In Denver, we were rushed to board our next plane to Indianapolis, or so we thought. Once we were on the plane, we sat on the runway for about twenty extra minutes while waiting on the fuel tanks to fill the plane. We were finally in the air and landed safely back home again in Indiana.




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