Spring Break Diary: Emily Crohn

    Go Hoosiers! Freshman Emily Crohn has seen action in her first two collegiate games over the course of the trip. Crohn checks in with Hoosier fans about how the trip is going thus far.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Freshman Emily Crohn has seen action in her first two collegiate games over the course of the trip. Crohn checks in with Hoosier fans about how the trip is going thus far.
    Go Hoosiers!

    March 13, 2007

    Throughout the Indiana softball team's Spring Break trip to Florida, members of the team will be checking in with to update Hoosier fans on the trip. Freshman Emily Crohn details the first few days of the trip below.

    Hello Hoosier Fans!

    I want you all to take a moment out of your busy day to close your eyes ... and picture tall palm trees blowing in the breeze as the sun is shining so brightly that you need sunglasses to block the UV rays, and you smell the salt blowing in from off of the ocean.

    Now, open your eyes. Relaxing isn't it?

    Well this is how the Indiana softball team felt while flying into Tampa, Fla., for our spring break trip! And let me tell you, it has been very exciting so far! It is so nice to be in beautiful 70-degree weather, and out of the bitter cold! You could not ask for better softball weather than what we are playing in right now.

    And now I will take you all through a run-down of just what the Hoosiers have been up to for the past couple of days.

    Day 1: Wednesday, March 7, 2007
    -We left for the airport at 1 p.m. from Assembly Hall and arrived up in Indianapolis around 2:15.

    -We boarded the plane and our flight took off en route for Tampa, Fla., at approximately 3:55.

    -Two hours later we were circling over the ocean ready to make our landing on the Tampa runway! You should have seen the looks on all of our faces. Even though some were nervous that we were flying over water, everyone was very happy! We had permanent smiles! Beautiful weather, here we come!

    -After we landed we got off the planes and did our usual baggage claim and waited for our coaches to go and get the vans so we could load everything into them and get to the food!

    Attention: To anyone who ever travels, do not, I repeat, do not wear high heels to the airport. Even though they may be "cute" or "in style," they do not make for a comfortable trip. I unfortunately found out the hard way!

    -After we loaded the vans we headed off to a restaurant called Bennigans to eat. It was very good! I had Cajun pasta with chicken and shrimp!

    -After dinner we all piled into the vans and went to our hotel where we will be enjoying a nice 11-day visit! It is located right next to Busch Gardens! I can see the roller coasters from our balcony!

    Funniest Part of Day 1: So since this is spring break, and there are 27 people that we have brought with us, there is a LOT of luggage. And trying to fit all of that into two 12-passenger vans and a mini van is quite a trick! Because of this, we rode in the vans jam packed with all of our luggage and equipment. I am pretty sure at one point one of our teammates (who I will leave anonymous) was laying on top of our luggage rather than sitting in a seat, and another girl had our hitting screen poking her in the rib cage. Needless to say, I have never laughed so hard in my life. My food was slowly starting to make its way back up!

    Day 2: Thursday, March 8, 2007
    Time for our first games!

    -Our first game was against Georgia Tech. They are a very good team, and we had a lot of positives in that game, even though we did end up losing 16-8. For a softball game, between two good teams, that is a high scoring game. We have to take out of that game that even though we must fix a lot of things we do, scoring eight runs against a top-25 team is a good step toward what we are capable of. This will be what we will have to focus on during our games.

    -Our second game was against UMass. After coming off of the loss against GT, we came out much stronger and fought hard. We held them tight up until the seventh inning, when our focus may have been altered a little. UMass is also a very tough team and we must focus on the positives and forget the negatives. Every step you take builds character.

    -After our games we came back to the hotel and went to sleep. We were all so tired from our first day out in the sun! It can really get to you!

    Funniest part of Day 2: Seeing all of the funny tan lines that we had gotten!

    Day 3: Friday, March 9, 2007
    -We had our first game against University of Illinois-Chicago, and then played our second game against Northern Illinois University. We lost both of those games. At this point, with the losses, we needed to figure out what was going on, and what steps we could take as a team to fix the problems.

    -After our games, everyone who had their parents here could go to eat with them, and the rest of us went out to eat at Jason's Deli.

    -When we got back to the hotel, we had a team meeting at 8 to discuss what we needed to do to make us better as a team to get some wins on the board. The meeting was very important, and I believe helped us a lot.

    -We all had to be in bed by 10, for another long day ahead of us on Saturday.

    Funniest part of Day 3: We learned that Dr. Scholls are very important for the betterment of student-athletes worldwide.

    Day 4: Saturday, March 10, 2007
    -We woke up and had the usual breakfast in our hotel restaurant. I am going to be the queen of Fruit Loops by the end of the trip! (Attention: always wear shoes in a restaurant. Oops!)

    -Our first game was against Tennessee Tech. We played a better game, and fought hard all the way until the end. Unfortunately we lost on a push bunt, but our pitcher Monica Wright looked the best she had all season! I was so proud of her!

    -Our second game was against Wagner. We played a great game this time, and ended up run-ruling them in the fifth. I got my first collegiate appearance, and as Coach Phillips said, I had a "perma-grin" on my face. I do love being a Hoosier!

    -After our games the rookies had to do laundry! (Attention: I would just like to share with you all that I did my very first load of laundry over our trip. And I'm glad that my teammates got to share this experience with me! Apparently this is an essential tool for being a grown-up. Living in my "bubble," I wouldn't know! Thanks mom and dad!)

    -After all of the laundry was done, and everything was clean and sorted, we hit the hay to prepare for our games the next day.

    Funniest part of Day 4: Dining at the Laundromat while washing dirty clothes! And it was a Happy Birthday to our manager, Danacia Jackson!

    Day 5: Sunday, March 11, 2007
    -Our first game was against Michigan State! We ended up winning the game, and it was a great feeling! One, we got to keep playing in the tournament, and two, it is nice to get a conference win before conference play actually starts. It is important to send a message early, and I feel that is what we did.

    -Our second game was against Fordham, and we ended up winning this game too, to become the champions of the Bronze Bracket. We made a positive turnaround from earlier in the tournament, and we need to keep this going for the rest of the time we are in Florida.

    -After our games, our time off started. Everyone who had parents here got to stay with them until the following night, when our curfew is 9 p.m.

    -Because my parents are not here, I went out to eat with Monica Wright and her family at Joe's Crab Shack! I had king crab, and it was great! Nothing like fresh seafood!

    -After dinner, I came back to the hotel where some of my teammates and I just hung out by the pool, took a little swim, and hung out in the hot tub. It was a nice relaxing way to end a busy and tiring tournament!

    Funniest part of Day 5: Playing in the pool with my teammates! You would never know we were all in college! Synchronize swimming should be a sport at Indiana!

    Well Hoosier Fans, I hope you stuck with me this entire time, and enjoyed reading about what we have been up to! It really has been a great time so far. Through all the ups and downs, we are all still teammates, and that's the best feeling of it all.

    As we take our day off with our families on Monday, we will enjoy this beautiful weather even more, and refocus for our next set of games!

    Until then Hoosier fans!

    Over and out!




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