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    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
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    Freshman Rachel Carlson has played in 30 games this season for the Hoosiers with 17 starts. In 27 of those games and 14 starts, Carlson played left field for IU, while learning what the collegiate game was all about. She was the opening day starter in left field against Cal State Northridge at the Alexis Resort Classic on Feb. 4. In that tournament verses host school UNLV, the Beecher, Ill., native slapped her first collegiate hit. Against Grambling State at the Tiger Classic on on February 19, she was a perfect 3-for-3 at the plate with a run scored, an RBI and a stolen base, as the Cream and Crimson downed the Tigers 8-0. Recently, Carlson made her first collegiate start at shortstop and has now started three straight games there. Here is more on a freshman with a lot of potential.

    On starting her high school career as a pitcher, but moving out of the circle due to an injury?

    "I pitched in grade school through my freshman year and I still hold the record by pitching 17 scoreless innings in the state tournament. I was a riseball pitcher and that was primarily all I threw, but my technique of throwing took its toll on my body and I suffered a back fracture. I don't really miss it anymore. It has been awhile since I last pitched. I think around my junior year when I really took off with my lefty hitting that I realized I didn't miss pitching anymore. But definitely around my sophomore year, I still wanted to do it."

    On the difference of playing the outfield where you are not involved in every play like the pitcher?

    "Even in the outfield. You are there seeing every pitch and you should be in the game. You still have to recognize everything and if you are just sitting out there and waiting for the ball to come to you, it is going to be hard to make a play. Outfielders are more in the game than people think."

    Biggest difference between playing high school and summer club softball and the college game?
    "In college ball there is such a tradition. In high school and club ball, you are basically playing for yourself. You are trying to look good in front of college scouts and get a scholarship. You want everybody to look at you. That's not to say that you are not a team player, but in college, everything is about the team. You are playing for something as a team rather than as an individual. You are representing the whole school when you put on that uniform."

    On being a role player after being primarily a starter in high school?
    "You still have to be enthusiastic about it. Everybody wants to play, but coach makes the lineup and if you aren't in it, then you have to work that much harder and put yourself in a position to get in the lineup everyday."

    On playing all these ranked non-conference teams and the Big Ten?
    "It's great competition playing all these ranked teams, but I have been around this caliber of players before. I played ASA Gold national in summer ball and there I was facing top college players, so I have never really looked at it and said, `Wow, I am playing Oklahoma today'."

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