From Washington to Indiana All In The Name of Softball

    Go Hoosiers! Brittany Stein is one of three players from the state of Washington to come to IU for softball.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Brittany Stein is one of three players from the state of Washington to come to IU for softball.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 21, 2009

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - The saying goes "It's a small world" and Indiana softball team proved it true. Sophomores Brittany Stein and Brittany Devitt hail from the state of Washington, a place where only one other player in the history of IU softball had come from (Abby Stark). Although their high school teams never met on the diamond, they did become familiar with each other competing in AAU tournaments.

    Stein is a native of Vancouver, Wash., which is located in the southwest corner of the state while Devitt comes from Seabeck, Wash., a town just west of Seattle and 170 miles north of Vancouver.

    Stein was the starting catcher and was also the designated player for a handful of games. Devitt was the first person to be inserted as a pinch runner late in games when the Hoosiers needed to scrape together a run, a role that does not receive much recognition but a necessary piece to any successful softball team.

    Each of the players answered some questions and helped us to gain insight into what it is like to be a softball player and what helped them to make the decision to choose IU as their school.

    Was there one thing that influenced your decision to come to IU?

    Stein: The only thing that really sticks out in my mind about wanting to come to IU was that I would be playing the best of the best in the nation in the Big Ten conference. That had been a goal and dream of mine since I was 15 and realized softball could take me somewhere.
    Devitt: It was the combination of the school and the softball. I really enjoyed the school and was eager to get into my major as a fitness specialist.

    Did knowing that other players from Washington were coming here to play help influence your decision?

    Stein: I didn't meet Devitt until after I had made the decision to come here, and I actually met Molly the same weekend as well. It was nice knowing that they'd be there. But one influence that I had when deciding to come back here after my freshman year was talking to Abby Stark, known as Abby Davis now. She went here and was a catcher and she, among others, influenced me to give it another shot out here.
    Devitt: It was awesome to know that I would have another person from Washington on my team. And once we met I felt a lot more comfortable.



    Did it help you once you got here to know that you had someone else from Washington here to talk to and they would be able to relate to you?

    Stein: Once I met Brittany Devitt at a tournament and we got to talking it was nice to know that someone from my area was going to be on the same team with me and we could relate on that level.
    Devitt: It really helped a lot. We could talk about things we would do back home and some of the things we missed from back home.

    What did you know about Indiana (the university and the state in general) before you were recruited to play softball here?

    Stein: When you think Indiana, you think Hoosier basketball. I'm a big basketball fan, and going to a college town that is huge on basketball and getting to play softball against the best of the best in the country... There's nothing more I could ask for.
    Devitt: I really had only heard of the movie "Hoosiers" and knew there was a lot of corn here.

    What did you think on your first visit to the University?

    Stein: My first visit was spring break of my junior year in high school and it was fun. I stayed with Julie DiNallo and she was welcoming from the start. I also spent a lot of time with Steph Pellerito and Heather Hohs and they made my experience out here a lot of fun. I just knew it was the place I wanted to be. Devitt: I loved it a lot more. I had an idea of what it might be like but it was so much better than I thought so I was amazed and excited at the same time.

    Has anything surprised you since you have been on campus?

    Stein: Biggest surprise is that it doesn't snow as much as I thought it would.
    Devitt: Everybody here is so friendly and very much into the sports teams here. Another surprise was going through a tornado warning and a tornado watch, both of those were firsts for me.

    Written by Andrea Richardson


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