In the Dugout- Janetta Deaven

    Go Hoosiers! Junior Janetta Deaven helped the Hoosiers advance to the semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament in 2006.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Junior Janetta Deaven helped the Hoosiers advance to the semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament in 2006.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Oct. 25, 2006

    After helping the Hoosiers to one of its best seasons in recent history, junior Janetta Deaven sat down with to answer 10 questions about herself, IU softball and the upcoming 2007 campaign.

    Deaven closed the 2006 season with nine RBI and 11 runs. The Harrisburg, Pa., notched a pivotal double against No. 3-seeded Iowa in the Big Ten Tournament, scoring the game-winning run on the successive play to defeat the Hawkeyes and advance to the conference semifinals.

    What are you most looking forward to this upcoming season?
    "To prove last year was not a fluke and gain more respect throughout the Big Ten."

    When did you first start playing the game and who introduced you to it?
    "My brother introduced me to the game of baseball when I was five. He taught me all the fundamentals, but more importantly, he taught me the love of the game."

    Which professional team do you follow the most?
    "The Phillies!! I would love to be the Phillie Phanatic for a day; he seems to always have a good time. "

    Teammate or coach I admire the most?
    "The coach I admire the most is Mr. Williams. Throughout my playing career I have had a lot of coaches, and he is by far the best coach I have had. He devotes a lot of time and effort with us, so I try to never disappoint him. Overall, I think the best coaches are the ones who coach for the love of the game."

    What IU sport, other than softball, would you want to play?
    "Basketball. It seems like a pretty intense sport."

    Place I would most like to travel?
    "I would love to go to Europe and visit each country and witness the various cultures."

    What are some of the goals for next season?
    "My number one goal is help the team reach both the Big Ten and NCAA Tournament. As far as team goals, we want to accomplish quite a few things this season. We want to be one of the top four teams in the Big Ten, raise our batting average and fielding percentage and of course, we want to never lose the games we should win."

    Pre-game rituals/superstitions:
    "I'm a really superstitious person and it starts with the way I put on my batting gloves. They have to be put on the same way every time, and if something gets out of order, I have to redo it all. It can get out of control, so I wouldn't suggest superstitions."

    What road game/series are you most looking forward to?
    "I'm excited to play Iowa this year. They are going to be gunning for us. Mostly, I look forward to both the Michigan and Michigan State series because last year we did not fare well against them and I know we can do much better."

    What makes the Indiana softball program so special?
    "Our pitching and catching staff works harder than any other in the Big Ten."




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