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    Hoosiers Fall To #35 Marquette 5-4

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    ="022199"> Hoosiers Fall To #35 Marquette 5-4

    Bloomington, Ind.-The Hoosiers fall behind after the singles matches and were not able to comeback, as they fell to #35 Marquette 5-4.

    The Hoosiers were only able to win two singles matches. At No. 3, Zahra Ahamed was a straight set winner over Laura Garcia 6-3,6-3. At No. 6, Ann Poosuthasee easily defeated Megan Berman 6-1,6-0. Kelly Blanch lost a three set match to Elisa Penavlo, who is currently ranked 9th in the country 6-4,2-6,7-5.

    The Hoosiers captured two out of the three doubles matches. At No. 1, Blanch and Becky Wallihan defeated the nation's 5th ranked team of Penavlo and Ana Fernandez 8-6. The other doubles win came from Zahra Ahamed and Jennifer Hsia, who defeated Sara Fernandez and Lauria Garcia 8-6.

    Coach Lin Loring, "It was a great doubles win for the Kelly (Blanch) and Becky (Wallihan). The team they played is ranked 9th in the county and had won the Midwest doubles championships. It was the same as Friday. We played good enough to win, but we just didn't. For the weekend we were 0-4 in three-set matches and 1-6 in tiebreakers. If we had split the three-setters or split the tiebreakers we could have gone undefeated this weekend.

    The Big Ten season will begin February 27, as the Hoosiers will travel for a match against Minnesota.


    Indiana vs. Marquette Winner Score

    1. Kelly Blanch vs. Elisa Penalvo MU 6-4,2-6,7-5

    2. Jessica Anderson vs. Ana Fernandez MU 6-4,6-0

    3. Zahra Ahamed vs. Laura Garcia IU 6-3,6-3

    4. Amanda Field vs. Julie Sapozhnikova MU 7-6,7-5

    5. Ana Ceretto vs. Sara Fernandez MU 7-6,6-2

    6. Ann Poosuthasee vs. Megan Berman IU 6-1,6-0



    1. Blanch/ vs. Penalvo/ IU 8-6

    Becky Wallihan A. Fernandez

    2. Ahamed/ vs. Garcia/ IU 8-6

    Jennifer Hsia S. Fernandez

    3. Anderson/ vs. Sapozhnikova/ MU 8-3

    Field Christine Di Masi




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