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    Women Open Season Up With A Sweep

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    January 24, 1999

    Women Open Season Up With A Sweep

    Kalamazoo, Mich.- The Hoosiers started the dual season off yesterday in Kalamazoo, Michigan, with wins over Akron and Western Michigan. The Hoosiers first defeated Western Michigan 5-2, before defeating Akron 7-0 later in the day.

    Against Western Michigan, the Hoosiers lost the top two positions in singles, as sophomore Kelly Blanch and junior Zahra Ahamed both lost. Blanch lost to Carissa Chinwah 3-6,6-4,7-6(5). Ahamed lost 6-4,1-6,7-6(2). Freshman Amanda Field and junior Jessica Anderson both continued their solid play from the fall. Field defeated Kendra Becker 6-2,6-0 and Anderson defeated Diana Dimitrescu 6-0,6-1. In doubles Field and Anderson knocked off Malik and Thompson 8-3. Sophomore Ana Ceretto, played the number five position, and won 6-4, 7-5 over Nikki Thompson. Freshman Karie Schlukebir won in her homecoming to Kalamazoo over Mindy Champion 6-2,6-1. In doubles, Blanch and junior Becky Wallihan defeated Chiawah and Champion 8-4. Ahamed and Schlukebir defeated Dimitrescu and Hillary Schaffer 8-3.

    The Hoosiers then took all seven matches against Akron. Blanch, bounced back from the loss earlier in the day to defeated Arianna Rojas 6-0,6-0. Ahamed defeated Miren Sorondo 6-2,6-1. Schlukebir breezed past Donna Peters 6-2,6-2. Ceretto won her match over Becky Schrager 6-2,6-1. Freshman Ann Poosuthasee capture a win over Karyn Ebelborger 6-0,6-3. In doubles, Blanch and Wallihan defeated Peters and Schrager 8-0. Anderson and Field improver their doubles record to 14-4 with a win over Rojas and Sorondo 8-1.

    The Hoosiers will play next weekend, as Ball State and Miami of Ohio come to Bloomington. The matches will take place in the Indiana University Tennis Center. For more information about the team or for interview requests, please contact Alex Simon at 812.855.9399.

    Indiana (1-0) vs Western Michigan

        Indiana	        vs   Western Michigan	 W	Score
    1.	Kelly Blanch	    vs	Carissa Chinwah	WMU	3-6,6-4,7-6(5)
    2.	Zahra Ahamed	    vs	Cyra Malik	    WMU	6-4,1-6,7-6(2)
    3.	Jessica Anderson	vs	Diana Dimitrescu	IU	6-0,6-1
    4.	Amanda Field	    vs	Kendra Baker	    IU	6-2,6-0
    5. 	Ana Ceretto	    vs	Nikki Thompson	    IU	6-4,7-5
    6. 	Karie Schlukebir	vs	Mindy Champion	    IU	6-2,6-1
    1. 	Blanch/	         vs	Chinwah/	        IU	8-4
        	Becky Wallihan		    Champion			
    2. 	Ahamed/	         vs	Dimitrescu/	    IU	8-3
    	Schlukebir		    Schaffer			
    3.	Anderson/	         vs	Malik	        IU	8-3
    	Field		        Thompson
    Final Score: 	Indiana 		5
    	      	WMU		    2
    Extra Matches:
    	Ann Poosuthasee	vs	Bobbe	        IU	6-0,6-2
    	Ceretto/	         vs	Nicoll/	        IU	9-5
    	Jennifer Hsia		    Becker
    Indiana (2-0) vs Akron
    	Indiana	         vs	Akron	W	Score
    1.	Kelly Blanch	     vs	Arianna Rojas	    IU	6-0,6-0
    2.	Zahra Ahamed	     vs	Miren Sorondo	    IU	6-2,6-1
    3.	Karie Schlukebir	 vs	Donna Peters	    IU	6-2,6-2
    4.	Ana Ceretto	     vs	Becky Schrager	    IU	6-2,6-1
    5.	Ann Poosuthasee	 vs	Karyn Ebelborger	IU	6-0,6-3
    6. 	Jessica Anderson	 vs		             IU	Default
    1. 	Blanch/	         vs	Chinwah/	IU	8-0
        Becky Wallihan		     Champion			
    2.	Anderson/	         vs	Malik	IU	8-1
    	Field		         Thompson
    3.	Ahamed/	vs		IU	Default
    Final Score: 	Indiana 		7
    		     Akron		0

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