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    Women Finish Second Straight Weekend Sweep With Win Over Ball State

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    January 30, 1999

    Women Finish Second Straight Weekend Sweep With Win Over Ball State

    Bloomington, Ind.-The Hoosiers finished their second straight weekend sweep with a 6-1 win over Ball State. The Hoosiers won all but one match in the, as they improved their record to 4-0. Earlir in the day, the Hoosiers defeated Miami of Ohio 6-1.

    Once again, the Hoosiers won five out of the six singles matches, with the only loss coming at the number one position. Kelly Blanch struggled to a 6-3,6-3 defeat to Libby Gerding. The Hoosiers once again dominated the two through six positions, as they finished the day without losing a set. Zahra Ahamed defeated Gena Tranquada 6-1,6-0. Jessica Anderson continued her winning streak with a win over Gayle Larsen 6-1,6-1. Amanda Field defeated Susie Miller 6-1,7-5. Karie Schlukebir, perfect in match play in the spring season, defeated Darcy Poulos 6-4,6-1. Ana Ceretto knocked off Kindal Shores 6-1,6-4.

    Indiana breezed through doubles play dropping only eight games all together. Anderson and Field, improved their season record to 16-4, with a win over Larsen and Miller 8-2. Blanch and Becky Wallihan, bounced back from a loss earlier in the day to capture a win over Gerding and Poulos 8-3. Ahamed and Schlukebir defeated Alicia Butz and Tranquada 8-3.

    Coach Lin Loring said, "Considering we were tired from the morning match, I thought that we concentrated well and competed hard. I was pleased with our effort."

    The women are now off until they face Duke on February 12 and Clemson on February 14. The match against Duke will be at 3:00 pm, and the Clemson match will start at 10:00 am. Both matches are home and will take place at the Indiana University Tennis Center.

    Indiana vs. Ball State Winner Score
    1. Kelly Blanch vs. Libby Gerding BSU 6-3,6-3
    2. Zahra Ahamed vs. Gena Tranquada IU 6-1,6-0
    3. Jessica Anderson vs. Gayle Larsen IU 6-1,6-1
    4. Amanda Field vs. Susie Miller IU 6-1.7-5
    5. Karie Schlukebir vs. Darcy Poulos IU 6-4,6-1
    6. Ana Ceretto vs. Kindal Shores IU 6-1,6-4
    1. Blanch/ vs. Gerding/ IU 8-3
    Becky Wallihan Poulos
    2. Ahamed/ vs. Alicia Butz/ IU 8-3
    Schlukebir Tranquada
    3. Anderson/ vs. Larsen/ IU 8-2
    Field Miller

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