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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
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    February 11, 2003

    Big Ten Slate Opens This Week

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    This Week
    The No. 50 Indiana women's tennis team (5-2 overall) continues its spring dual match season this week when it travels to Lexington, Ky., to face No. 34 Kentucky at 1 p.m. on Wednesday. The Hoosiers then open their Big Ten slate with a pair of weekend matches against No. 27 Wisconsin and No. 14 Northwestern, respectively.
    Saturday's match against the Badgers and Sunday's match against the Wildcats are both set to start at 10 a.m. at the IU Tennis Center.

    Schlukebir's Strength Bigger Than Tennis
    The Hoosiers may have three matches in a span of five days this week, but the biggest story around Indiana tennis is the return of Karie Schlukebir.
    Schlukebir missed a pair of matches at Duke and Wake Forest after being diagnosed with cancer. The senior from Kalamazoo, Mich., went to California to have further tests done to learn about the severity of the cancer, only to return to the lineup last week against Marquette.
    Serving underhanded the whole match after undergoing the cancer testing earlier in the week, Schlukebir ended up winning the deciding singles match over Genevieve Charron, 6-2, 4-6, 6-2 in the Hoosiers' 4-3 win.

    Schlukebir, Grimm Playing Well
    Not only is Schlukebir an inspiration because of her strength, but she is also a standout on the courts, compiling a perfect 5-0 dual match singles record this year and teaming with Linda Tran to string together a 3-0 dual match doubles mark.
    She is not alone, however, as junior Martina Grimm has also been productive for Indiana this Spring, going 5-1 in dual match singles play, including a 3-1 mark at the number three singles spot.
    When her 11-4 Fall season record is included, Grimm has compiled a 16-5 overall record this year to lead the team.
    Grimm won 22 matches as both a freshman and as a sophomore, and is on her way to passing the 20-win mark yet again.

    Last Week
    The Hoosiers are coming off a solid weekend in which they claimed wins over Marquette, Indiana State and Ball State.

    Indiana 4, Marquette 3

    No. 1 Linda Tran (IU) def. Michelle Mojzis (MU) 7-5, 6-2
    No. 2 Evan Trujillo-Herrera (MU) def. Sarah Batty (IU) 7-6, 2-6, 6-4
    No. 3 Martina Grimm (IU) def. Annabelle Espinosa (MU) 7-6 (3), 6-3
    No. 4 Vero Briseno (MU) def. Dominika Walterova (IU) 6-4, 6-0
    No. 5 Karie Schlukebir (IU) def. Genevieve Charron (MU) 6-2, 4-6, 6-2
    No. 6 Anna Pavlovic (MU) def. Sophie Rychlik (IU) 6-4, 6-2

    No. 1 Grimm/Batty (IU) def. Pavlovic/Mojzis (MU) 8-6
    No. 2 Tran/ Walterova (IU) def. Espinosa/Briseno (MU) 8-6
    No. 3 Stankovic/Trujillo (MU) def. Schlukebir/Rychlik 8-2

    Indiana 7, Indiana State 0

    No. 1 Linda Tran (IU) def. Magda Narczewska (ISU) 6-2, 6-0
    No. 2 Sarah Batty (IU) def. Leah Esmero (ISU) 6-2, 6-3
    No. 3 Martina Grimm (IU) def. Carolina Salinas (ISU)
    No. 4 Dominika Walterova (IU) def. Logan Becker (ISU) 6-2, 6-2
    No. 5 Karie Schlukebir (IU) def. Lisa Herndon (ISU) 6-1, 6-1
    No. 6 Sophie Rychlik (IU) def. Samantha Yun (ISU) 6-0, 6-1

    No. 1 Batty/Grimm (IU) def. Salinas/Esmero (ISU) 8-6
    No. 2 Schlukebir/Tran (IU) def. Becker/Narcszewska (ISU) 8-1
    No. 3 Groth/Rychlik (IU) def. Herndon/Yun (ISU) 8-0

    Indiana 5, Ball State 2

    No. 1 Melissa Roach (BSU) def. Linda Tran (IU) 7-5, 6-2
    No. 2 Sarah Batty (IU) def. Leisa Brooks (BSU) 6-2, 7-5
    No. 3 Martina Grimm (IU) def. Jenny Batty (BSU) 6-3, 7-5
    No. 4 Jill Wieman (BSU) def. Dominika Walterova (IU) 6-3, 6-3
    No. 5 Karie Schlukebir (IU) def. Susan Kelley (BSU) 6-1, 6-0
    No. 6 J.J. Levin (IU) def. Alyce Zollman (BSU) 6-4, 6-1

    No. 1 Batty/Grimm (IU) def. Batty/Brooks (BSU) 8-2
    No. 2 Walterova/Tran (IU) def. Roach/Wieman (BSU) 8-4
    No. 3 Zollman/Sullivan (BSU) def. Rychlik/Schlukebir (IU) 8-5

    What's Next
    Following this week's three matches, the Hoosiers are back in action on Friday, February 22, when they head to Knoxville, Tenn., to square off against No. 11 Tennessee. Doubles play is set to start at 11 a.m.




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