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    Hoosiers Shutout Penn State 7-0

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Hoosiers Shutout Penn State 7-0

    Bloomington, Ind.-The #63 Hoosiers (7-7, 2-2 Big Ten) bounced back from a loss to Ohio State yesterday to defeat Penn State 7-0 today. Zahra Ahamed, Jessica Anderson, Ana Ceretto and Amanda Field all picked up wins in both singles and doubles.

    The Hoosiers once again won the doubles point by taking two out of the three matches. Ahamed and Ceretto won their fifth consecutive match, as they defeated Jan Perez and Teresa Whiteside 8-3. At No. 3, Anderson and Field defeated Kelley Margolis and Kate Ovelman 8-3.

    In singles, the Hoosiers captured all six matches. Anderson defeated Ho 6-1,6-4. Kelly Blanch won her second match after a 10-match losing streak, defeating Perez 6-3,6-4. Ahamed was victorious over Martina Kopacova 6-2,6-0. Field defeated Margolis 6-1,6-3. Ceretto and Ann Poosuthasee each won a three-set match. Ceretto came back from a set down to defeat Whiteside 4-6,6-1,6-0. Poosuthasee edged out a win over Ovelman 6-0,4-6,6-3.

    Coach Lin Loring, "We played a little more consistent from top to bottom today. We played better matches with all of the players contributing. Especially good wins came from the top of the lineup. We haven't won at the top three positions since the second match of the year."

    The Hoosiers will continue their season next week on the road as they travel to Kentucky on Saturday and Tennessee on Sunday.


    1. Jessica Anderson (IU) def. Rebecca Ho (PSU) 6-1,6-4

    2. Kelly Blanch (IU) def. Jan Perez (PSU) 6-3,6-4

    3. Zahra Ahamed (IU) def. Martina Kopacova (PSU) 6-2,6-0

    4. Amanda Field (IU) def. Kelley Margolis (PSU) 6-1,6-3

    5. Ana Ceretto (IU) def. Teresa Whiteside (PSU) 4-6,6-1,6-0

    6. Ann Poosuthasee (IU) def. Kate Ovelman (PSU) 6-0,4-6,6-3


    1. Ho/Kopacova (PSU) def. Blanch/Becky Wallihan (IU) 8-0

    2. Ahamed/Ceretto (IU) def. Perez/Whiteside (PSU) 8-3

    3. Anderson/Field (IU) def. Margolis/Ovelman (PSU) 8-3

    Indiana 7

    Ohio State 0




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