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    Hoosiers Lose To Notre Dame 6-2

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    Hoosiers Lose To Notre Dame 6-2

    Bloomington, IN-The 65th-ranked Hoosiers lost a tough match to 15th-ranked Notre Dame 6-2 today. The Hoosiers picked up one win in both singles and doubles.

    Zahra Ahamed picked up the singles win for the Hoosiers. She defeated Marisa Velasco in a three-set match 7-6,3-6,7-5. The win was Ahamed's 60th of her career in singles.

    Coach Lin Loring said, "It was a great win for Zahra (Ahamed). Velesco has been a highly ranked player (highest ranking was preseason at #54). Zahra has lost a lot of close matches lately and this win should give her confidence."

    The Hoosiers won one of the two doubles matches played. At No. 3, Amanda Field and Jessica Anderson defeated Kimberly Guy and Sarah Scaringe 8-4. The win improved their record to 23-7 overall for the year.

    With the loss the Hoosiers fall to an overall record of 9-10, while Notre Dame improves their mark to 19-6.

    The Hoosiers will continue their Big Ten season on Saturday with a home match against Illinois at 11 a.m. Then on Sunday, they will welcome Northwestern in for a match at 10 a.m.


    1. Michelle Dasso (ND) def. Jessica Anderson (IU) 6-1,6-1

    2. Jennifer Hall (ND) def. Kelly Blanch (IU) 6-2,6-0

    3. Zahra Ahamed (IU) def. Marisa Velasco (IU) 7-6,3-6,7-5

    4. Amanda Field (IU) def. Becky Varnum (ND) 6-4,7-5

    5. Kelly Zalinski (ND) def. Ana Ceretto (IU) 6-4,6-1

    6. Kimberly Hall (ND) def. Jennifer Hsia (IU) 6-4,6-4


    1. Dasso/Hall def. Blanch/Becky Wallihan (IU) 8-2

    3. Anderson/Field (IU) def. Guy/Sarah Scaringe (ND) 8-4

    Indiana 2

    Notre Dame 6




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