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    NCAA Diaries - Larra Overton

    Go Hoosiers! Larra Overton recorded a personal best in the 1,500m at the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.
    Go Hoosiers!
    Larra Overton recorded a personal best in the 1,500m at the NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships.
    Go Hoosiers!

    June 9, 2006

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Indiana track and field team is competing at the 2006 Outdoor Track and Field Championships in Sacramento, Calif., June 7-10. The Hoosiers will take time out of their incredibly busy schedule to talk to IUHOOSIERS.com. Larra Overton, who turned in a personal-best and 15th-place finish in the semifinals of the 1,500m talked about her experiences at the NCAA Championships.

    Woke up around 8 am and went for a 30 minute run, ending with a few strides. Grabbed some breakfast with Jess and spent most of the day hanging out and getting ready to watch Kelly's race. Her race wasn't until 7 pm, so Jess and I grabbed dinner with her family and headed to the track to watch Kelly's amazing school record-breaking steeplechase. She looked so strong and relaxed the whole time, it was so fun to watch! After the race, Jess and I grabbed Jamba Juice smoothies, and I, once again, was asleep before 10 pm. I still haven't quite adjusted to West Coast time!

    Race Day! Started off the day with a light 15-minute shake out run, followed by a little breakfast. After I got cleaned up, Jess and I met with Coach for a bit to go over race strategy. It was a beautiful day, and I didn't run until 6 pm, so I sat outside in the shade and read a book for a bit, until it was time to start getting my stuff ready for the track. We headed to the track around 4 pm, so I got there with plenty of time to get checked in and get in a good stretch. It was hot when I was warming up, but it made my muscles feel good and loose. I even put on the ice vest for a few minutes while I was stretching to help keep me a little cool. I was in the first heat of the 1500m, they took us into the tent 30 minutes before the race. I managed to squeeze in a few strides and drills while I was in there before heading out to the track. My race went out a little slower than I was hoping, which happens a lot with the first heat. I came through the 800m around 2:20, and managed to pick up the pace and run a 67 third lap. I finished with a personal best time of 4:22.0, and 15th place overall. After, my race I watched the 4x400 run a great trial, and Jess's great 10K. Great day at the track...we celebrated with an amazing dinner at Cheesecake Factory...hey, we've gotta have fuel to cheer on Kelly tomorrow!



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