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    Indiana Athletics Partners with B97 for Hoosier Olympic Sports Spotlight

    Go Hoosiers! IU Athletics has partnered with B97 for the Hoosier Olympic Sports Spotlight.
    Go Hoosiers!
    IU Athletics has partnered with B97 for the Hoosier Olympic Sports Spotlight.
    Go Hoosiers!

    Aug. 25, 2009

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind. - Indiana University Athletics and the radio group Artistic Media Partners are proud to announce a new partnership between the department of athletics and Bloomington radio station B97 (WBWB, 96.7 FM). B97 will provide Indiana's Olympic sports programs with unprecedented exposure through a series of unique programming features that will highlight student-athletes, coaches and teams like never before.

    Indiana University Director of Athletics Fred Glass and Artistic Media Partners Vice President Sandy Zehr launched the new partnership in a joint on-air statement on B97's Alex Starr Morning Show on Tuesday.

    "B97 and Artistic Media Partners are proud to partner with IU Athletics to promote Indiana University Olympic sports on the radio," Zehr said. "B97 and the university community have had a long and mutually beneficial relationship, and this new partnership will truly take it to the next level. Our goal is to make this partnership the model for the rest of the country." During every business day (Monday-Friday), B97 will provide programming, features and updates of IU Olympic sports.

    "This partnership is an excellent way to promote our student-athletes and Olympic sports programs," Glass said. "Working with B97, I think we have found some truly innovative ways to increase the profile of all of our teams."

    New features include:

    Varsity or JV - Listeners will play along as B97 Morning Show personalities attempt various athletic feats against IU student-athletes. A B97 listener will predict whether or not the on-air personality can successfully complete the selected task. They will choose `Varsity' if they believe the personality will succeed or they will say `JV' if they believe the personality will fail. Competitions will include kicking a penalty kick past an IU soccer goalie, making contact against a pitcher's curveball and throwing an orange farther than an IU thrower can push a shot put. If they are correct, they will receive a prize.

    IU Athlete Spotlight - Each week an IU Athlete will appear on the B97 Morning Show to interact with the personalities and promote his/her sport.

    Afternoon Pre-Game Broadcasts - B97 will take the Afternoon Show to various IU Olympic sports venues to do a "tailgate" show promoting that day's event. This will be done approximately 10 times throughout the fall sports season and will feature a variety of sports.

    Sherry Dunbar's volleyball program is just one of the many programs that will receive increased exposure due to the new partnership.

    "We're excited to partner `Today's Best Music' with today's best collegiate athletics program," Dunbar said. It's a great opportunity for B97 listeners and Hoosier fans to hear all about IU's Olympic sports teams and players."

    IU Olympic sports programming will begin airing on B97 on Monday, Aug. 31.



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