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    Indiana Open Breaks Open Season for IU

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    August 27, 2001

    Bloomington, IN -

    Indiana Open Breaks Open Season
    The Indiana men's and women's cross country teams break open the 2001 season on Friday, August 31 as IU hosts the Indiana Open on the IU cross country course located behind the IU golf course. Five teams are expected to clash with the Hoosiers on their home turf. Eastern Illinois, IUPUI, and IPFW travel both their men's and women's squads while Ball State and Miami (Ohio) muscle it out with just the men. The women's 5K is set to begin at 4:45 p.m. followed by the men's 7K at 5:10 p.m.

    Admission is free and game programs will sell for $1. The IU cross country course can be accessed from the State Road 45/46 bypass. Directions can be printed out from the web by accessing the Indiana athletics site at www.athletics.indiana.edu and choosing Where To Go from the home page. Parking is available on the back side of the course across from the Center of Community Living and Careers parking lot.

    On the Open
    This is an annual home opener for the Hoosiers and is an opportunity to gauge summer training of Indiana's athletes and provides a race setting for eligible competitors as well as unattached athletes. The distances in the past have been 7K for the men and 4K for the women. However, since the majority of the women's competitions will be 6K races this season in accordance with the NCAA Championship distance changing to 6K prior to the 2000 season, the opening distance has been raised to 5K.

    Hear the Head Coaches
    Men's Head Coach Robert Chapman:
    "We have a very deep squad, and we've had some solid training the past week.  This early, we're still focusing on developing fitness with most of the team.  But this open meet will give me a chance to see how a few guys can handle race tempo at this point in the season."

    Women's Head Coach Judy Bogenschutz: "This is by far the best group we've had here at Indiana since I began coaching. We are a very deep squad with our 12 incoming freshmen and we have a top core of leaders who return from last season believing in every workout that we can qualify as a team for nationals. In training, our top athletes form a tight pack, so the goal for us this year is to have that apply to racing while still maintaining top-level individual performance."

    Racing for Results
    For complete results, visit www.athletics.indiana.edu
    Phone: 812.855.9399 or Fax: 812.855.9401

    Traditionally on Top
    In the season-opener competition each year, Indiana is traditionally leading the pack. Last season, out of the top 30 places, Indiana men's cross country put nine athletes past the finish line. While 1999 did not include the stiffer competition of 2000, the Hoosiers created a stampede that left opponents in the dust, grabbing the first 13 of 25 total places out of 16 total IU competitors.
    On the women's side in 2000, the women placed 13 athletes within the top 30 places while in 1999, Indiana had six athletes cross the finish line before any opponent out of 25 total places with 12 IU athletes competing in the race.

    Ready Within the Rosters
    Below are the men's and women's 2002 rosters. For returning athletes who have competed in the annual home opener, their place in the meet and for IU as well as their career times for the meet have been added. For new athletes or for returners where it is known, top cross country times have been listed.
    * Redshirted.

    Women's Roster:
    Amanda Bell Jr. 2000 4K Open- 2/50, 1st, 14:36.40
    1999 4K Open- 1/25, 1st, 14:55.1

    Whitney Bevins Jr. 2000 4K Open- 21/50, 9th, 16:10.47
    1999 4K Open- 18/25, 12th, 16:46.4

    Heidi Crowley So. 2000 4K Open- 15/50, 7th, 15:51.20

    Audrey Giesler So. 2000 4K Open- 11/50, 5th, 15:42.32

    Megan Glover Jr./So. 2000 4K Open- 23/50, 10th, 16:22.34

    Allyson Hammond Jr. 2000 4K Open- 4/50, 2nd, 14:57.02
    1999 4K Open- 3/25, 3rd, 15:05.3

    Laura Helhowski Fr. Mile-5:20.0

    Emily Hernandez Fr. 4K-14:44, 3200m-11:30, Mile-5:28

    Jaime Higginbotham Fr.

    Sara Kraft So./Fr. 800m-2:25, Mile-5:25

    Jenni Lee Fr.

    Kelli Lipps So. 2000 4K Open- 29/50, 12th, 16:56.42

    * Stephanie Magley Sr. 2000 4K Open- 9/50, 3rd, 15:31.77
    1999 4K Open- 6/25, 6th, 15:46.5

    Allison Miller Fr. 4K-15:05, Mile-5:25, 3200m-11:57

    Amber Miller Fr. 4K-14:33, Mile-5:05, 800m-2:20

    Amber Miller Fr. 4K-14:33, Mile-5:05, 800m-2:20

    Giavonni Nickson So.

    Becky Obrecht So. 2000 4K Open-24/50, 11th, 16:23.14

    Kate O'Connor Jr./So.

    Larra Overton Fr. 4K-14:57, 800m-2:17.6, 400m-59.2

    Mindy Peterson Fr. 2.5 mile-14:26, 800m-2:15.0, Mile-5:09.40

    Katy Rosenbarger Fr.

    Julie Shields Fr.

    Lauren Weddell Jr./So. 2000 4K Open- 12/50, 6th, 15:43.27

    Erin Womble Sr. 2000 4K Open-17/50, 8th, 15:58.86
    1999 4K Open- 4/25, 4th, 15:34.7
    1998 4K Open-38/46, 7th, 20:07.5

    Men's Roster:
    Chad Andrews Jr. 10K-31:31.7, 8K-24:39

    Tom Burns So./Fr. 2000 7K Open- 30/61, 9th, 24:29.28

    Kevin Chandler Sr. 1998 7K Open- 15/23, 7th, 25:33.14
    10K-32:41.3, 8K-25:24

    Joel Cotton Jr./So. 2000 7K Open- 25:45.26

    Rob DeWitte Jr./So. 2000 7K Open- 24/61, 6th, 24:06.38

    Kurtis George So./Fr. 5K-15:25, 3200m-9:18

    Nathan Gooden Jr./So. 2000 7K Open-8/61, 3rd, 23:15.37

    Stephen Haas Fr. Mile-4:12, 3200m-9:06, 5K-14:50

    John Jefferson Fr. Mile-4:05, 3200m-9:14, 5K-15:00

    Sean Jefferson Fr. Mile-4:07, 3200m-8:59, 5K-15:02

    Jon Little Jr. 5000m (indoor track)-14:46

    Kris McAloon Fr. 400m-48.4, 800m-1:54.04

    Doug Paley Sr. 2000 7K Open-27/61, 7th, 24:16.71

    Bart Phariss Jr./So. 2000 7K Open-7/61, 2nd, 23:12.70

    Chris Powers Jr. 2000 7K Open-3/61, 1st, 22:45.83

    Nathan Purcell Jr./So. 2000 7K Open-31/61, 10th, 24:30.82

    Eric Redman Fr. 5K-15:37, Mile-4:16.9, 3200m-9:49

    Mike Skiles So./Fr.

    Matt Sweetman Jr./So. 2000 7K Open-15/61, 4th, 23:40.80

    Brett Tipton Jr./So. Mile-4:15.34, 800m-1:49.78

    Josh Trisler Sr. 2000 7K Open-32/61, 11th, 24:38.57

    Jeff Zeha Jr./So. 10K-32:10.5, 8K-25:14

    Triple Threat
    Indiana's Chris Powers, Chad Andrews, and Bart Phariss own the top returning 8K times for the Hoosiers. Andrews and Powers also own the top returning 10K times. Andrews was the Hoosiers' No. 2 scorer from the Big Ten Championship to the NCAA Championship in 2000 and was third in the 10,000m at the 2001 Outdoor Big Ten Championship this spring, making him All Big Ten in both cross country and track, and looks for his success to carry over into the fall once again. Powers was second for Indiana in the first four scored meets of the 2000 season and was third for the Hoosiers from the Big Ten Championship to the NCAA Championship. Phariss was in the top five for IU at the Big Ten Championship and NCAA Great Lakes Regional and was third for Indiana in the first three scored meets of the season. The trio looks to return in strong form in 2001.

    Rich in Returners
    Every Big Ten and regional scorer returns for the women's team in 2001 while for the men, all but one NCAA competitor returns for the fall season.

    Purcell has Potential
    Junior/sophomore Nathan Purcell came through during the 2000 season and finished fourth among Indiana runners at the NCAA Championship, despite being set back early in the season due to a nagging injury. He went on in the spring to qualify for the finals of the 1,500m at the 2001 Big Ten Outdoor Track Championships. Purcell says he is excited to see what he can do this season as he remains healthy.

    Senior Leaders
    Watch for leadership from seniors Kevin Chandler and Doug Paley this season. Chandler exhibited the greatest margin of improvement in one season in 2000, improving at the 8K distance by 1:20.9. He is also willing to put it all on the line for his team as expressed by head coach Robert Chapman. "A lot of people don't know that three minutes before the start of the 2000 NCAA Championship, Sr. Tom Brooks, who travelled to replaced injured Sr. Chris Ekman, developed leg pain in warmups that he could not run through. Chandler was standing right there and he just stripped down, got on the line, and ran a 10K career best by 1:37."
    Paley saw more competition in the 2000 season and turned in some of his top cross country times. He was 10th/75 in the Indiana Intercollegiates 8K Open.

    Zeha Zips By
    Junior/sophomore Jeff Zeha owns the third best 10K time of returning Hoosiers and was in the top five at the 2000 NCAA Championship. He has multiple high level competitions under his belt including the 2000 NCAA Championship, the World Cross Country Trials, and the U.S. Track and Feild Junior Nationals.

    Sweetman a Surprise
    Junior/sophomore Matt Sweetman improved from the first scored meet of the season to the Notre Dame Invitational by 15 seconds and will look to make the top seven in 2001. Head coach Robert Chapman says of Sweetman, "Matt's performances so far may just be the biggest surprise on our team. It wouldn't surprise me to see Matt as a top 25 Big Ten threat as a sophomore competitor."

    Good `n' Gettin' Better
    Junior/sophomore Nathan Gooden took eighth overall in the 7K Open last season. He went on to take sixth for the team at the Indiana Intercollegiates, but was sidelined after the third meet of the season following a hamstring pull. He has logged the miles and looks to return strong and remain healthy in 2001.

    Bringin' Back the All-Big Ten Athletes
    Juniors Allyson Hammond and Amanda Bell have become Indiana's first All-Big Ten athletes since 1993. From 1999 into the 2000 Pre-NCAA meet, Bell was Indiana's leader while Hammond was consistently in the top two following the 1999 NCAA Regionals. Hammond was IU's No.1 runner during the latter portion of 2000 and finished in the top five at both the Big Ten Championship and Great Lakes Regional, and took 48th at the NCAA Championship. Both sat out large portions of the track season, Hammond the entire season, due to injuries sustained in cross country, but look to build back to the top in 2001.

    Double W's
    Senior Erin Womble and Junior/sophomore Lauren Weddell look to have their names close together on the results list in 2001 as well. Womble came through in the NCAA Great Lake Regional as Indiana's second athlete to score. Weddell finished in the top four from the Notre Dame Invite on last season, including her third place finish for the team at the Big Ten Championship. Weddell also scored for the Hoosiers in the conference in both indoor and outdoor track and looks for her spring success to move into the cross country season.

    Look Out for Obrecht
    Watch for increased consistency from sophomore Becky Obrecht. She came into the NCAA Great Lakes Regional having last competed at the Notre Dame Invitational. In her first 6K of the season, Obrecht finished fifth on the team and scored.

    Crowley No Crawler
    Sophomore Heidi Crowley is no crawler on the course for the Hoosiers. She came through in the big meets for IU last season, posting season best 5K and 6K times at the Big Ten Championship and the Great Lakes Regional.
    Go Get `Em Giesler
    Sophomore Audrey Giesler finished fifth for the Hoosiers in the first two meets of the 2000 season and ran a season best 5K at the Big Ten Championship. She competed in all seven meets of the 2000 season and will look to return in 2001 as one of Indiana's consistent top five athletes.

    Move Over for Glover
    Junior/sophomore Megan Glover improved from running a 20:10.50 5K at the Indiana Intercollegiates to posting a 19:48 5K at the Notre Dame Invite. In track, she went from running a 5:34 indoor track mile as a redshirt to a 4:48.22 1,500m in the 2001 outdoor season and looks to bring her added strength to the 2001 cross country course.

    Raving Over Recruits and Redshirts
    There will be some new faces to watch for at the 2001 Indiana Open. For men's athletes who were redshirted last season, it may just be that they finally get to suit up that makes them unrecognizable. Yet, talent shines through whether an Indiana athlete wears the `I' or the `T' shirt.
    On the women's side, watch for new recruit Mindy Peterson of Milan, Ill., to show her stuff on the course. Peterson is a two-time state cross country and 800m champion and won the state title in the mile as a senior. Peterson is a true student-athlete who was named the Quad Cities Female Athlete of the Year and has been accepted into the IU honors program.
    On the men's side, the team is made deep not only by talented recruits, but also by athletes who redshirted the 2000 season and will break out in 2001. Watch for transfers Jon Little (Rutgers) and Josh Trisler (DePauw) to help step into leadership roles. 2000 redshirts Tom Burns and Kurtis George are expected to make an impact as well. George did not compete in the 7K Open last season, but instead ran the Indiana Intercollegiates Open 8K and placed third out of 75 athletes. Burns ran a 7KOpen time of 24:29.28 and was ninth in the Intercollegiates Open last season. He comes off of an outdoor track season in which he placed seventh in the 3,000m steeplechase.
    Head coach Robert Chapman says it's too early to determine whether or not all of the incoming recruits will redshirt or not, but feels confident in his older athletes to redshirt the entire group. As this is Indiana's only home meet this season, this could be a one-time opportunity to see the potential these athletes have.
    Indiana has three Foot Locker Championships qualifiers in Stephen Haas and John and Sean Jefferson. Both John Jefferson and Haas were Foot Locker All-Americans with Sean Jefferson claiming two-mile state titles for three years straight among numerous accolades. Kris McAloon and Eric Redman, both of Indianapolis, also own impressive times with McAloon posting a 1:54.04 800m while Redman holds times of 15:37 in the 5K, 4:16.9 in the mile, and 9:49 in the 3200m.



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