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    Q&A With Wendi Robinson

    Go Hoosiers! Freshman Wendi Robinson discussed the 2005 cross country season with IUHOOSIERS.com
    Go Hoosiers!
    Freshman Wendi Robinson discussed the 2005 cross country season with IUHOOSIERS.com
    Go Hoosiers!

    Sept. 7, 2005

    BLOOMINGTON, Ind-Freshman Wendi Robinson took time out of her training schedule to speak with IUHOOSIERS.com about practice and the upcoming season.

    Q: How does Coach Wilson's training regimen differ from what you had at Danville (High School)?

    A: Coach Wilson's training regimen is not extremely different from what I had run at Danville. I ran the same types of workouts in high school that we are running at IU (tempo runs, intervals, long runs, and recovery runs), but the intensity of the workouts is definitely on a different level than high school training.

    Q: Does running with an All-American like Jessica Gall, and other great runners like Larra Overton and Kelly Siefker make you a better runner?

    A: Running with the team at IU is an amazing experience. In high school I ran all my workouts by myself, or with one of my coaches. When I arrived at IU I immediately had an entire team running with me. Workouts and recovery runs are easier and go by much quicker when you are with a group of friends, all of whom are working as hard as you are, with similar goals in mind. Running workouts with the group of extremely talented upperclassmen here at IU can be a bit intimidating, but they are all very encouraging, and training with them helps me push myself to become a better runner.

    Q: What are you looking forward to most about this season?

    A: Everything! I have been looking forward to this fall since I made the decision to attend IU. I know the group of runners on the team this fall has the talent, positive attitudes, and dedication to accomplish many great things. The team camaraderie is amazing as well, I couldn't ask for a better mixture of teammates and friends. I am thankful for and excited about the opportunity to represent IU as a student-athlete, do my best to contribute to and help continue the success of the cross-country team.

    Q: Is there anything that you have learned from the group of seniors that has helped you adjust to college from high school, on and off the cross country course?

    A: The older runners on the team are a positive example of academic and athletic success to the incoming freshman. They balance tough practices, school work, jobs and other important commitments, and still earn excellent grades, and work to give back to the university and community.



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