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    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!

    September 11, 1998


    Bloomington, Ind. -- Both Indiana cc teams ran away with the win in their first meet of the season at the IU cc Course Friday.

    IU sophomore Aaron Gillen won the men's 7000 meter race and Louisville junior Eileen Ferguson won the women's 4000 meter race. IU senior Traci Knudsen finished second in the women's race.

    "It was a good race on a very hot day," said IU men's coach Robert Chapman. "But we showed that we have holes we need to fill to finish in the top five in the Big Ten."

    (on Gillen) "He came in fit and it showed. That's what a good summer of consistent conditioning can do for a runner."

    "The team did a good job focusing during the race," said IU women's coach Judy Bogenschutz. (on Knudsen) "She really put herself out there today. Ferguson just pulled away."

    "I am extremely happy," said Knudsen. "I haven't run this well in a long time. Ferguson didn't start too fast and that allowed me to get out to a good pace."

    Next meet: Indiana is at the Tennessee Invitational in Knoxville, TN, Friday September 18. The women will begin at 8:30 a.m. and the men start at 9:15 a.m.

    Next home meet: The Hoosiers host the Indiana Invitational Saturday September 26. The women run at 10 a.m. followed by the men at 10:45 a.m.

    Men Women
    Indiana 29 Indiana 24
    Louisville 35 Louisville 50
    Beloit 69 Beloit 55

    Men's Top 10
    1. Aaron Gillen, IU, 22:55.05
    2. Zac Freudenberg, BC, 23:04.09
    3. Kell Giffen, UofL, 23:14.08
    4. Paul Gilvin, UofL, 23:37.18
    5. Nate Jones, IU, 23:48.50
    6. Tom Breckenridge, IU, 23:57.01 7. Tony Brown, UofL, 23:59.36 8. Brian Holcomb, IU, 24:00.60 9. Trey Howell, IU, 24:16.34 10. Dustin Perkins, UofL, 24:27.18

    Women's Top 10
    1. Eileen Ferguson, UofL, 14:53.94 2. Traci Knudsen, IU, 15:25.55 3. Katie Barber, IU, 15:38.52
    5. Anne Marshall, IU, 15:45.16
    6. Jen Kennington, BC, 15:47.94
    7. Laura Carpenter, BC, 15:57.87
    8. Bridget Wiedel, BC, 16:00.18 9. Alicia Cavender, UofL, 16:04.93 10. Jenny Sprowls, IU, 16:07.26

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