Women's Cross Country

    Pre-NCAA Preview

    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    October 9, 2001

    Sat., Oct. 13 • Women's Purple (10:45 a.m.)/Silver (11:20 a.m.) 6K- • Men's Black (11:55 a.m.)/Gold (12:35 p.m.) 8K

    Hear the Head Coaches
    Men's Head Coach Robert Chapman:
    "The big step this weekend is to run the way we are capable of running. We don't need to do anything special, just simply what we have done time and time again in practice. Run as a group, pack well, and feed off of eachother."

    Women's Head Coach Judy Bogenschutz: "To do well this weekend, the team needs to trust their training, trust their fitness levels and have the three C's: confidence, concentration, and composure. Every winner of every race I've seen has those three elements. They have the ability. They just have to go out and prove it to themselves first."

    Racing for Results
    For complete results, visit iuhoosiers.com
    Phone: 812.855.9399 or Fax: 812.855.9401
    For questions or comments, please contact Brooke Nash at banash@indiana.edu

    Hoosiers Find Momentum Before Furman
    After gaining momentum at the recent Notre Dame Invitational, the Indiana men's and women's cross country teams roll on to Greenville, S.C. Saturday, Oct. 13 as Furman University hosts the Furman Invitational/NCAA Pre-Meet. Ten races will take place on the course that day, but the highlight will be the two men's and two women's Pre-NCAA races that will give highly ranked Division I teams from around the nation the opportunity to compete on the National Championship course prior to the meet in November as well as test their strength against the other.
    The Hoosier men come off of an encouraging third place finish behind Notre Dame and Utah State out of 18 competing teams at the Notre Dame Invitational last weekend. They finished 17th/53 competing teams in the Pre-NCAA 'A' race last season.
    The Hoosier women took strides in the right direction last weekend at Notre Dame, placing eighth out of 17 teams with two athletes within the top 20 of the 121-man field. The women placed 37th/56 competing teams in the Pre-NCAA 'A' race last season.
    The NCAA Pre-Meet will be held on the Furman University Golf Course. Admission to the event is $2 for adults and $1 for children.

    Four Seasons Later for Furman
    Furman University last hosted the NCAA Division I National Championships in 1997. Although it is only the second time that the Paladins have hosted the finale, the Furman course has hosted the annual Furman Invitational for hte last 28 years and has played host to the NCAA Southeast Regional Qualifying Meet 27 times since 1972.

    Rich in Returners
    Every Big Ten and regional scorer returns for the women's team in 2001 while for the men, all but one 2000 NCAA competitor returns for the fall season.

    Finish Flashback
    The men's top seven out of 360 of the top athletes at the Division I level at the 2000 Pre-NCAA Meet 10K was as follows. Returners are bolded:
    1. Aaron Gillen-49th-31:53.5
    2. Chris Powers-81st (77)-32:14.5
    3. Chad Andrews-89th (85)-32:18.1
    4. Bart Phariss-96th (92)-32:21.5

    5. Dan Billish-244th (238)-33:33.5
    6. Jeff Zeha-262nd (256)-33:46.8
    7. Kevin Chandler-293rd (287)-34:18.6

    The women's top seven out of 371 of the top athletes at the Division I level at the 2000 Pre-NCAA Meet 6K was as follows. Returners are bolded:
    1. Allyson Hammond-85th (81)-22:27.4
    2. Amanda Bell-117th (111)-22:44.5
    3. Stephanie Magley-225th (215)-23:51.3
    4. Lauren Weddell-235th (225)-23:58.7
    5. Erin Womble-256th (245)-24:16.2
    6. Audrey Giesler-269th (258)-24:24.6
    7. Courtney Bell-317th (305)-24:51.6

    What a Difference a Year Makes
    In comparing same course and same distance times from the 2001 to the 2000 season, numerous Hoosiers have improved their performance compared to last season:

    1. Jr. Chad Andrews: Roy Griak 8K (2000-26:42/2001-25:01.8); Notre Dame 8K (2000-25:19/2001-24:43)
    2. So./Fr. Tom Burns: Sam Bell 7K (2000-24:29.28)/Indiana Open 7K (2001-22:43.10)
    3. So./Fr. Rob DeWitte: Sam Bell 7K (2000-24:06.38)/Indiana Open 7K (2001-23:27.50)
    4. Sr. Doug Paley: Sam Bell 7K (2000-24:16.71)/Indiana Open 7K (2001-23:44.40)
    5. Jr./So. Bart Phariss: Roy Griak 8K (2000-25:39/2001-24:48.2)
    6. Jr./So. Nathan Purcell: Notre Dame 8K (2000-25:56/2001-25:43)

    1. Jr. Whitney Bevins: Roy Griak 6K (2000-23:23/2001-23:13.3)
    2. So. Audrey Giesler: Roy Griak 6K (2000-23:09/2001-22:50.8)/Notre Dame 5K (2000-18:50/2001-18:34)
    3. So. Becky Obrecht: Notre Dame 5K (2000 Open-19:21/2001-18:05)

    Men's Line-Up List
    Men's teams participating: 18 of the top 25 teams in the nation will compete in the Pre-NCAA Meet including Colorado, Stanford, Notre Dame, Northern Arizona, North Carolina State, Villanova, Colorado State, Duke, Wake Forest, Arizona State, Michigan State, BYU, Oregon, Eastern Michigan, Weber State, Alabama, Georgetown, and Arizona.

    All-Area All-Stars
    In the two scored meets of the 2001 season that Indiana has competed in, the Roy Griak Invitational and the Notre Dame Invitational, Indiana's top six athletes have been natives of Indiana.

    Accelerating Andrews
    Jr. Chad Andrews, who was second for IU at three of the biggest meets of the year last season (Big Tens, Regionals, NCAAs), hasn't finished below second for IU this season and accelerated into the top ten pack at the recent Notre Dame Invitational, placing ninth with an 8K time of 24:43. In both scored meets of the 2001 season, Andrews has improved by an average of 27.5 seconds at the 8K level.

    Burnin' Boundaries
    It is hard to tell how far So./Fr. Tom Burns can go this season. For both scored meets of the 2001 season (Roy Griak and Notre Dame), Burns has finished third for IU.

    Powers Pushing the Pack
    Jr. Chris Powers has finished fourth for IU in both scored meets of the 2001 season, Roy Griak and Notre Dame. Powers was third for IU from the 2000 Big Ten Championship to the NCAA Championship.

    It's In the Blood
    So./Fr. Kurtis George, cousin to Jr. Chad Andrews, was Indiana's sixth man at both the Roy Griak and Notre Dame Invitationals. Head coach Robert Chapman says of George, "Kurtis made some great progress in his redshirt year last year and I believe he will be a major factor for our team this fall."

    Phariss Pushes Through
    Jr./So. Bart Phariss, who scored for IU at both the Big Ten Championship and the Great Lakes Regional last season, hasn't finished below second for IU this season in the two scored meets run thus far. In the meet in which he finished first for IU (the 2001 Roy Griak), he improved by 51 seconds at the 8K level compared to last season (2000-25:39/2001-24:48).

    Zeha Zips By
    Junior/sophomore Jeff Zeha owns the third best 10K time of returning Hoosiers and was in the top five at the 2000 NCAA Championship. He has multiple high level competitions under his belt including the 2000 NCAA Championship, the World Cross Country Trials, and the U.S. Track and Field Junior Nationals. At the Notre Dame Invitational last weekend, he placed fifth for IU to score.

    Purcell has Potential
    Junior/sophomore Nathan Purcell came through during the 2000 season and finished fourth among Indiana runners at the NCAA Championship, despite being set back early in the season due to a nagging injury. He went on in the spring to qualify for the finals of the 1,500m at the 2001 Big Ten Outdoor Track Championships. Purcell says he is excited to see what he can do this season as he remains healthy. At the recent Notre Dame Invitational, Purcell finished seventh for IU and improved last season's 8K time on the course by 13 seconds.

    Sweetman a Surprise
    Junior/sophomore Matt Sweetman improved from the first scored meet of the 2000 season to the Notre Dame Invitational by 15 seconds and will look to make the top seven in 2001. Head coach Robert Chapman says of Sweetman, "Matt's performances so far may just be the biggest surprise on our team. It wouldn't surprise me to see Matt as a top 25 Big Ten threat as a sophomore competitor." Sweetman is coming closer to his goal, placing ninth for the Hoosiers at the Roy Griak Invitational.

    Trisler in the Top
    Sr. Josh Trisler, a transfer who made his way to IU from DePauw and IUPUI, finished fifth for IU at the Roy Griak Invitational.

    Women's Line-Up List
    Women's teams participating: 21 of the top 25 teams in the nation will participate in the Pre-NCAA Meet including Colorado, Stanford, North Carolina State, BYU, Arizona State, Boston College, North Carolina, Arizona, Georgetown, Colorado State, Michigan State, Virginia, Washington, Boston University, UCLA, Marquette, Cornell, Northern Arizona, Yale, Notre Dame, and Baylor.

    Obrecht Opening New Chapter
    So. Becky Obrecht played a role in IU's fourth place finish at the Great Lakes Regional last season with her surprising fifth place finish in her first 6K of the year. Yet, this season, Obrecht is not only a factor in the Hoosiers' success, but also a leader of the pack. Obrecht has been IU's first athlete to cross the line in two of the three scored meets this season (Illinois and Notre Dame) and where she hasn't been first, she's been second (Roy Griak). Furthermore, she has improved at the 5K level by 1:16, as exhibited in her recent performance at Notre Dame (2000 Open-19:21/2001-18:05).

    Peterson a Top Prep
    Freshman Mindy Peterson was not content in letting her prep career speak for her. Peterson, a two-time state cross country champion and three-time track state champion from Milan, Illinois, has been the second Hoosier to cross the line for Indiana in three meets this season (Indiana Open, Illini Invitational, Notre Dame Invitational). At the Roy Griak Invitational, Peterson led the Hoosiers.

    Bringin' Back the All-Big Ten Athletes
    Juniors Allyson Hammond and Amanda Bell have become Indiana's first All-Big Ten athletes since 1993. From 1999 into the 2000 Pre-NCAA meet, Bell was Indiana's leader while Hammond was consistently in the top two following the 1999 NCAA Regionals. Hammond was IU's No.1 runner during the latter portion of 2000 and finished in the top five at both the Big Ten Championship and Great Lakes Regional, and took 48th at the NCAA Championship. Both sat out large portions of the track season, Hammond the entire season, due to injuries sustained in cross country, but are building back to the top in 2001. The two ran for the third time this season at last weekend's Notre Dame Invitational. Bell was IU's third man and Hammond seventh for IU, their highest finished for the team thus far this season in scored competition.

    Bevins Continues to Build
    From 1999-2000, Jr. Whitney Bevins made the largest improvement of any Hoosier, improving at the 5K level by 1:28. She continues the trend in 2001. At the Roy Griak Invitational, Bevins improved her 6K time by ten seconds (2000-23:23/2001-23:13).

    Double W's
    Senior Erin Womble and Junior/sophomore Lauren Weddell look to have their names close together on the results list in 2001 as well. Womble came through in the NCAA Great Lake Regional as Indiana's second athlete to score. Weddell finished in the top four from the Notre Dame Invite on last season, including her third place finish for the team at the Big Ten Championship. Weddell also scored for the Hoosiers in the conference in both indoor and outdoor track and looks for her spring success to move into the cross country season. At both the Roy Griak Invitational and the Notre Dame Invitational, the two were within one place of one another, Weddell sixth and Womble seventh at Griak and Weddell fifth and Womble sixth in South Bend.

    Lead Goose
    Sophomore Audrey Giesler led the flock of Hoosiers heading into the finish line at the Indiana Open, IU's annual debut meet and has scored for IU ever since. At the Illini Invitational, Giesler was fifth for the Hoosiers. She continues to build strength, placing third for IU at the Roy Griak Invitational and fourth for IU at Notre Dame.

    2001 Mondo Men's National Poll 10/9
    1. Colorado
    2. Stanford
    3. Arkansas
    4. Wisconsin
    5. Notre Dame
    6. Portland
    7. Providence
    8. Northern Arizona
    9. North Carolina State
    9. Villanova
    11. Colorado St.
    12. Michigan
    13. Duke
    14. Wake Forest
    15. Arizona State
    16. Michigan State
    17. BYU
    18. Oregon
    19. E. Michigan
    20. Weber State
    21. Alabama
    22. Georgetown
    23. Utah State
    24. Arizona
    25. Iona

    Votes: Indiana

    2001 Finish Lynx Women's National Poll 10/8
    1. Colorado
    2. Stanford
    3. NC State
    4. BYU
    4. Arizona St.
    6. Boston College
    7. Providence
    8. N. Carolina
    9. Arizona
    10. Arkansas
    11. Georgetown
    12. Colorado State
    13. Michigan State
    14. Wisconsin
    15. Virginia
    16. Washington
    17. Boston
    18. UCLA
    19. Marquette
    20. Cornell
    21. N. Arizona
    22. Yale
    23. James Madison
    24. Notre Dame
    25. Baylor

    2001 Women's Great Lakes Region Poll 10/7
    1. Michigan State
    2. Wisconsin
    3. Marquette
    4. Notre Dame
    5. Purdue
    6. Michigan
    7. Ball State
    7. Kent State
    9. Toledo
    10. Miami (Ohio)

    2001 USCCCA Men's Great Lakes Region Poll 10/9
    1. Notre Dame
    2. Wisconsin
    3. Michigan
    4. Eastern Michigan
    5. Michigan State
    6. Indiana
    7. Miami (Ohio)
    8. Butler
    9. Ohio State
    10. Central Michigan



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