Women's Cross Country


    Go Hoosiers!
    Go Hoosiers!

    Go Hoosiers!
    November 22, 1999


    Bloomington, Ind- Indiana University played host to the 1999 NCAA cc Championships today at the IU cc Course. Brigham Young came away the overall winner with 72 points.

    The individual winner for the women was Erica Palmer, a sophomore from Wisconsin. She completed the race with a time of 16:39.5. "This is an awesome course for me. I'm from New Hampshire, which is all mountains, so all these hills are great for me," said Palmer.

    The second place finisher was Amy Yoder from Arkansas with a time of 16:44.1. "I've never rigged up so bad. I thought I could go another 800 but saved it up for the stretch. Then I couldn't kick it in," commented Yoder. " Erica saved it all for the end. The end was all in slow motion for me". This was Yoder's second time this year running on the IU course. The first time that she was here, was for the Sam Bell Invitational in which she won the race with a time of 17:06.9.

    Women's Results
    1. Erica Palmer Wisconsin 16:39.5
    2. Amy Yoder Arkansas 16:44.1
    3. Larissa Kleinman Arkansas 16:48.8
    4. Hanna Lyngstad Tulane 16:50.3
    5. Lauren Fleshman Stanford 16:50.9
    6. Leigh Daniel Texas Tech 16:51.4
    7. Erin Sullivan Stanford 16:56.2
    8. Maria-Elena Calle Virginia Commonwealth 16:57.2
    9. Kara Wheeler Colorado 16:58.4
    10. Korene Hinds Kansas State 16:58.6

    Team Results
    1. Brigham Young 72
    2. Arkansas 125
    3. Stanford 127
    4. Wisconsin 185
    5. Kansas State 232
    6. North Carolina 294
    7. Georgetown 321
    8. Colorado 351
    9. Brown 354
    10. Providence 368

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