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    Our Mission

    The mission of Greening Cream and Crimson is to improve the sustainable systems within the Athletic Department that are already in place, and create a long-term strategic sustainability plan that emphasizes our vision of being the Greenest Athletics Department within the Big Ten. 


    Indiana University Athletics has a long-standing tradition of commitment to the state of Indiana, the community of Bloomington and our loyal students, staff, and faculty. Greening Cream and Crimson helps promote a strong connection between the IU Office of Sustainability and the Athletics Department, to ensure that everyone is working toward the same goals throughout the University. Since the implementation of the Greening Cream and Crimson program, many sustainability initiatives have been successfully applied within the Indiana University Athletics Department, as seen below.

    During the 2013-2014 year we hope to improve on the steps that have already been taken, and create an atmosphere within the Athletics community that prides itself on forward-thinking green practices. We greatly appreciate your support as we Green Cream and Crimson!

    2012 Initiatives

    • Increased our tailgate waste diversion to 54% during the 2012 Game Day Challenge recycling competition, from 37% in 2011. 
      • Volunteers handed out new IU Athletics-branded tailgate recycling bags
      • New bag dispensers were located in the tailgate lots
      • Increased the number of recycling bins and dumpsters 
      • Recycling PSA with IU athletes played at Memorial Stadium
    • Analyzed total energy and water use by month for all available metered buildings 
      • Athletics facilities included in campus-wide energy audit 
      • New opportunities for energy conservation identified

    2011 Initiatives

    • Gained a better understanding how Athletics' staff view of sustainability through survey research and statistical analyses
    • Added new bicycle racks in areas surrounding Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall
    • Createed new educational material so fans better understand tailgate rules and regulations, both green practices and non-green practices
    • Launched the student organization to work directly with the IU Athletic Department to create and support sustainable practices (contact for more information)
    • Expanded our game-day initiatives to promote more student awareness and involvement
    • Implemented a fan-based tailgate recycling competition where fans collected and turned in bags of recyclables to win prizes
    • Initiated the Hoosier to Hoosier Community Sale (H2H) to benefit Bloomington nonprofits and reduce move-out waste. For more information, visit Hooser to Hoosier

    Contact Information

    Kristine Fowler, Associate Athletic Director: (812) 856-6075,

    Amanda Redfern, Greening Cream & Crimson Intern:

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