Greening Cream & Crimson: How-to's

    How to Recycle at Your Tailgate

    Upon entering the tailgate lots, parking attendants will have clear, plastic bags for recycling. Plastic, aluminum, glass, and paper/cardboard products can all be recycled and placed in one, single bag. Please ensure to remove all food and liquid before discarding. For your convienence, you may leave the recycling bag at your tailgate and it will be collected for you.

    If you do not receive a bag upon entering, Greening Cream and Crimson volunteers will be walking around distributing bags. You can identify them by their white shirts entitled 'Greening Cream and Crimson' on the front. You can also pick up a bag at the Greening Cream and Crimson tent located in the grass lot about 20 feet west of Fess Street on 17th Street.

    How to Green Your Tailgate


    Ever think about going solar? This is the most sustainable option because no fossil fuels are used. It’s also a great activity for the entire family. Visit here to learn how to start building yours today. If you can’t ditch the grill, propane is the best option because it burns cleaner than charcoal and produces less waste. If you use charcoal, make sure to purchase sustainable options. These are usually made from environmentally friendly wood sources and renewable plant waste.


    Try to ditch the meat, as its production has a greatly negative effect on the environment. If you'll miss that burger too much, purchase meat produced in the state of Indiana. There are great options from farms in southern Indiana sold in grocery stores throughout Bloomington. For other snacks, buy in bulk and bring them in reusable containers. Doing so will reduce the waste associated with individual packaging while also saving you a few dollars. When it comes to produce, buy seasonal products such apples, carrots, grapes, onions, and potatoes. Buying these and other foods from the Bloomington Farmer’s Market is an even more sustainable option. Located at 401 N. Morton St. the market is open every Saturday, April through November, from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


    If you decide to drink alcohol, local beer is the best option. The fewer miles a product travels, the smaller the environmental impact. If you choose not to drink local, search for beers that use a solar-powered brewing process. This is the most sustainable form of brewing because it uses renewable resources (the sun) instead of non-renewable resources (fossil fuels). For non-alcoholic drinks, buy organic and/or fair trade. Fair trade products promote social equality and are generally more environmentally friendly.

    Plates, Cups, and Silverware

    Never use Styrofoam. Styrofoam products take millions of years to break down and are the least environmentally friendly. Instead, use plastic materials that you can wash and reuse. By doing so, you won’t produce any additional waste. If this isn’t an option, be sure to use paper or plastic plates and cups, and plastic silverware. All of these items can be recycled at your tailgate, just be sure to get rid of any additional food or liquid.

    How to Travel Green


    Why not enjoy a beautiful autmn day with a bike ride to Memorial Stadium? With heavy game day traffic, most fans find it easier and more convenient to bike to Hoosier football games. In time for the 2012-2013 football season there will be five bicycle racks surrounding Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall- two located in the lawn area adjacent to the east side of Memorial Stadium, one on the northwest corner of Memorial Stadium, and two on the southwest corner of Assembly Hall. With the money you save from gas and parking, enjoy one of our many concession options.  


    Indiana University's Student Association offers a great online program that allows individuals to request rides or to offer rides. We recoomend that during the week leading up to the game, individuals post their need for a ride or offer seats in their car for others. Carpools not only save money on parking and gas, but they also cut down on greenhouse gas emissions. For more information, visit here.