Greening Cream & Crimson: Current News

    10.27.14  IU Athletics Launches Shoe Recycling Project on Behalf of Soles4Souls [Read more]

    10.16.14  An IU Athletics recycling initiative is helping fans add a little green to their cream and crimson. Greening Cream and Crimson began in 2010 through a partnership with IU Athletics and the Office of Sustainability summer internship program. The goal: to encourage recycling at Memorial Stadium and essentially spread that to all athletic facilities. [Read more]

    02.07.12  Hoosiers will be adding new bicycle racks in areas surrounding Assembly Hall and Memorial Stadium. There will be a total of five bicycle racks- two located in the lawn area adjacent to the east side of Memorial Stadium, one on the northwest corner of Memorial Stadium, and two on the southwest corner of Assembly Hall.

    02.02.12  The new baseball and softball complex will be LEED Silver certified. It will replace Sembower Field and the IU Softball Stadium, which have been used since the 1950s. Hoosiers expect the facility to be completed in time for the 2013 Spring seasons. For more information about LEED certification, visit the U.S. Green Building Council website.

    01.27.12  Results from the Environmental Protection Agency's Gameday Challenge are in. Among the Big Ten, Hoosiers placed first in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Recycling categories. IU reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 12.91 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, equal to the annual gas emissions of 2.3 cars or emissions from 1,313 gallons of gasoline. IU recycled at a rate of 0.222 pounds of recycling per person, an increase from a second place finish last year. IU was also ranked among the top 25 schools competing in the EPA Gameday Challenge in all categories. For more information about the challege, visit the EPA Gameday Challege website.

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