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    University Priority Point System Continues to Determine Seat Location
    New Web-Based Tool for Football and Men's Basketball Season Ticket Holders

    The critieria for football and men's basketball seat selection, utilizing priority points to determine order of selection, has not changed. However, Indiana University Athletics and the IU Varsity Club now utilize an online tool to allow season ticket holders to personally select their seats online and give them the ability to see interactive views from locations within IU's two largest athletic facilities.

    The implementation of the online seat selection option was driven by the efforts of the Varsity Club National Board of Directors in collaboration with the IU Athletic Ticket Office and Varsity Club staff. For several years, each of these groups has gathered donor feedback on how to make the seat selection process easier and more transparent for the thousands of fans that attend IU games. The result of their research focused on an online system that would allow season ticket holders to select their seats themselves.

    The online tool complements the other option for assigning season tickets, which is done by Ticket Office personnel based on an individual's Priority Points and any special and group seating requests written on ticket applications.

    The online seat selection option allows you to see a virtual rendering from any section and row inside Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall. Fans can rotate the view in all directions and zoom in and out from that location. View IU's Memorial Stadium virtual tour or the Assembly Hall virtual tour.

    Season ticket holders are able to utilize the online seat selection option to view season seat availability and select their own seats. The online option puts you in the driver's seat by giving you more control over your seat location. View real-time availability and select the best seats according to your own personal location preferences.

    Based on your priority points, you will be assigned a specific date and time to log into the system to choose your desired seat selection all from the convenience of your home or office. If you do not have a computer or Internet access, you may also call or visit in person to select your seats on your assigned date and time. You may also arrange to have ticket office personnel select seats on your behalf at your date and time similar to how seats have been assigned in years past.

    "The option honors the integrity of the Priority Points System while giving ticket holders more control over their assigned seat location," said Joe Ford, President of the IU Varsity Club National Board of Directors. "Hoosier fans can view real-time availability and select the best seats based on their own personal location preferences."

    "In addition to streamlining our seating assignment process, this online tool reinforces our commitment to elevating the fan experience," Deputy Director of Athletics Scott Dolson. "With this innovative technology, Hoosier fans will be able to conveniently select seats in a similar way that they select airline seats today--all from the comfort of their personal computer."

    Ticket holders and Hoosier fans are encouraged to view virtual tours of Memorial Stadium and Assembly Hall and test out IU's new priority seating system prior to their assigned selection time. To learn more about the online seat selection option, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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