Indiana University's Olympic Participants:
    1904 | 1932 | 1936 | 1948 | 1952 | 1956 | 1960 | 1964 | 1968
    1972 | 1976 | 1980 | 1984 | 1988 | 1992 | 1996 | 2000 | 2004 | 2008


    The 2012 London Olympics featured seven Hoosiers representing six countries in six sports.

    2012 Indiana University Olympians
    Kayla Bashore -Smedley (USA, Women's Field Hockey)
    Margaux Farrell (France, Swimming - Women's 4x200M freestyle relay)
    Christina Loukas (USA, Diving - Women's 3M Springboard)
    Dorina Szekeres (Hungary, Swimming - Women's 200M backstroke)
    Nicholas Schwab (Dominican Republic - Men's 200M freestyle)
    Derek Drouin (Canada, Men's High Jump)
    Orianica Velasquez (Colombia - Women's Soccer)


    Few universities, or even nations can match IU's overall Olympic record. Indiana University boasts 191 total Olympic berths, representing 22 countries. On 14 occasions Olympic coaches have come from IU.

    In 2008, Jeff Huber became the first three-time Olympic coach in IU history as he has been a member of the U.S. Diving staff in 2000, 2004 and 2008. Two IU coaches have been honored by coaching twice in the Olympics: James "Doc" Counsilman for swimming in 1964 and 1976, Hobie Billingsley for diving in 1968 and 1972. Counsilman had a streak of nine straight Olympics -- from 1956 through 1988 -- with at least one medalist, a record believed to be unmatched in any sport in Olympic history.

    Two coaches with ties to IU have won gold medals in team competition: former coach Bob Knight for basketball in 1984, and Tara VanDerveer for basketball in 1996.

    For athletes, the IU medal count is 84 including 49 gold, 16 silver, and 21 bronze. Prior to the 2004 Olympics, at least one IU athlete medaled at every Summer Olympics since 1932. The most productive year was 1968 in Mexico City, with 17 medals for IU competitors.

    At the 1972 Games in Munich, swimmer Mark Spitz collected seven gold medals. IU athletes received a total of 15 medals that year, including 11 gold.

    Four years later in Montreal, IU also left it's mark with a Hoosier in the headlines almost every day. IU swimming great Gary Hall carried the U.S. flag at the opening ceremonies. Scott May was a scoring standout and Quinn Buckner, the captain for the gold medal-winning basketball team. The swimming star was IU's Jim Montgomery, with three gold medals. Hall and diver Cynthia Potter also won medals. IU's James "Doc" Counsilman was the head coach of the most successful U.S. swimming team ever, with 12 golds and 10 silvers in 13 events. Hoosier track coach Sam Bell coached the American distance runners.


    Hoosier Olympic Notes

    191 Olympic Berths (including coaches, judges, and representation separately)
    89 Men's Swimming and Diving
    39 Men's Track and Field
    21 Women's Swimming and Diving
    8 Men's Basketball
    7 Soccer
    6 Wrestling
    5 Men's Cycling
    2 Women's Basketball
    2 Women's Track and Field
    1 Softball
    2 Baseball
    1 Volleyball
    1 Fencing
    1 Rifle
    1 Men's Tennis
    1 Field Hockey
    1 Canoe
    1 Sailing

    Total IU Medals
    49 Gold Medals
    16 Silver Medals
    23 Bronze Medals

    22 - The number of nations in addition to the United States for which a former Hoosier has competed:
    Dominican Republic
    Hong Kong
    Saudi Arabia

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